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Magnolia Massage and Spa is your most reliable Chinese Massage serving Albuquerque New Mexico. We offer 30, 60, 90 and 2 Hour Massage Therapy Services as well as traditional Chinese massage with upgraded ancient technique. If your stress or just looking for a place to pamper and relax, give our therapist a try and allow us sooth your entire body from head to toe. Call today for an appointment or walk in for same day service.

For Back Pain Relief and Therapuetic Message- Magnolia Massage and Spa is the best!

Here, at Magnolia Massage and Spa, we take a very careful approach to healing and rejuvenating techniques. Our combined decades of experience in Massage, Reflexology, benefit your body and well-being and help provide relief from years of migraine headaches, back pains, shoulder pains. Relieve stress and tension, free yourself from fatigue and insomnia.

Wishing you health and happiness! Magnolia Massage and Spa

Check out our Thai Massage:

Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor, with the client remaining fully clothed.

Utilizing gravity, the practitioner uses his/her body to achieve maximum weight and leverage.

Thai massage is often referred to as a meditative dance, in which the client and practitioner merge into one continuous movement.

Passive stretching combined with rhythmic compressions are used to increase flexibility while relieving tension in the muscles.

Pressure is applied with hands, thumbs, forearms and feet.

Thai Massage not only calms the mind and nervous system, it balances the body’s energy.


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